Canned and Non-Perishable FOOD drive

Here is how you can help! 

Simply pick up items from this list and bring them to the Family Arena on August 26 & 27.

Canned fruits and vegetables                               Boxed Pasta and Cereals

Canned Meat, Soups, Stews                                 Crackers and Cookies

Pudding and Jello                                                  Trash Bags and Baggies

Cleaning Supplies                                                  Laundry Soap and Bleach

Toilet Paper and Kleenex Tissue                           Dish Soap, Hand Soap and Bar Soap

Paper Towels and Wash Clothes                          Diapers and Wipes

Tooth Paste and Tooth Brushes                           Shower Gel and Deodorant

Combs and brushes                                             Shampoo and Conditioner

Hunger is a huge problem

The need is great!

  • 1 in every 6 individuals lives in poverty and struggles with hunger in the greater St. Louis Region including more than 172,000 children.
  • As a state Missouri is in the top 20 for food insecurity with more than 354,520 children living in food insecure households
  • Children who live with hunger are more likely to:              
  • Develop behavioral issues
  • Have lower grades in school
  • Require hospitalization more frequently
  • Be at greater risk for chronic illness

Help fill the food banks in the St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Together we can help stamp out hunger in St. Louis.